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Spraybooth KL-2

Producer : STAWIANY
Type : KL-2
Width: 5576 mm
Height: 3500 mm
Length: 7000 mm
Power: 17.50 kW
Type of heating: olejowe
Warranty period: 12 miesiące
Burner power: 260000 Kcal/godz
Temperature range: 20-80 st. C
Front door dimension: 3000 x 2650 mm mm
Exhaust Ventilator capacity: 21000 m3/h
Inhaling ventilator capacity: 25000 m3/h
Inhaling ventilator power: 2 x 4 kW
Lighting: 4pcs×10units×30W + 4pcs×8units×36W
Extract fan power: 7,5 kW
Inside Dimensions: 6900×3900×2700 mm
Wall panel: 70mm rockwool
Roof panel: 50 mm rockwool
Base: cala pow. okratowana
Heat exchanger: stal nierdzewna gat.304
Blast Volume: 25000 m3/h
Filtering: 1.EU4,2.EU5/6,3.podlogowy,4.weglowy
Drying water base paint system: opcjonalnie
voltage: 3x400V/ 50 Hz
Control panel: MIKSTER INDU-52
heat exchange efficiency: 85 %
Air exchanging rate: 330/h

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Cabin Heating:

- Gas / burners OILON /
- Oil / Riello burners /


- Water filter designed by our company that puryfies inlet air

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